Dog House Series - Undecorated Home

This is the first installment of our new Dog House series - (get it?? it’s about beautiful houses and the adorable dogs that live in them…well, I thought it was clever) I’d like you to meet Megan the face behind the blog Undecorated Home.  She’s a self-proclaimed design addict, DIYer, and plant lady and if you’ve ever come across her insta-feed you would agree!  She shares her beautiful home with her husband Jake, two daughters, and their pup Sam (as well as a fish and 9 hens!)

Undecorated Home 1.png

Megan’s eye for design is so impressive.  Designing a home filled with collected pieces, vintage, antique, handmade, and even new décor can be such a challenge to create a cohesive look. While her home is filled with collected treasures, it does not feel bohemian or overly eclectic.  It has a tailored quality, a timeless style, and most importantly, a warmth.

I say all that never having actually visited her lovely home, but I feel like a best friend who comes over for coffee everyday through her Instagram feed.  As a designer myself I am drawn to beautiful images and well styled homes, and Megan’s blog and Instagram do not disappoint.  Then you add that curly furry face of her dog Sam and I can’t resist.  Scroll down to see just a few photos from around Megan’s home (of course we selected the ones featuring Sam because…dogs).

Undecorated Home 2.png
Undecorated Home 11.png
Undecorated Home 3.png
Undecorated Home 4.png
Undecorated Home 5.png
Undecorated Home 6.png

We’ve got to get Sam a Houndry bed don’t we? ;)

Undecorated Home 7.png
Undecorated Home 8.png
Undecorated Home 9.png

Isn’t Sam adorable!?! Make sure you go check out Megan’s full blog at and her instagram account @undecorated_home

XOXO Samantha

* Undecorated Home is not affiliated with The Houndry.  This post is in no way an endorsement of our products.  We at The Houndry simply love Megan and her blog and wanted to share with you how awesome she is.