Welcome to The Houndry

I would like to start out by saying thank you for visiting our little website. This is honestly a labor of love for all of us at The Houndry. Eric and I (Samantha here) have been talking about the idea of launching our own line of pet products for years now. He and I have actually worked together for about 8 years now, across a few different companies, most recently our own outdoor furniture company Leisure Made. Eric and I have always worked in the home decor world: Eric on the retail buying side, me as an interior and furniture designer. We make a really great team: one side business, one side creative.


I have worked my whole career designing products for people’s homes; products that help to make homes beautiful and bring joy to those that own them. When designing for a client I felt like we would touch almost every aspect of that home from hard goods like cabinetry and lighting and soft good like furniture, drapery, rugs and everything in between. But one thing that was almost always an afterthought were the pets in the home. We didn’t work the most important furry members of the household into the design plan! They just got whatever bed that didn’t look horrible tossed into a corner and that was enough.

I found there really weren’t a lot of great options for high-end pet products that put the pet AND the home at equal importance. Of course we want our pets to be comfortable and love their bed, but I didn’t believe we had to compromise comfort for beauty….and The Houndry was born.


With my years of experience in the design world and Eric’s in retail we knew that we could create a product that was missing in the market. For me it was a no brainer to turn to textiles sold in the home decor market. Why wouldn’t you want your pet’s bed made in the same luxury fabric that you would use anywhere else in your home? If you’re like me, my dogs are front and center in my home and their beds are right in the middle of the living room and bedroom for everyone to see. I wanted them to blend with the rest of my home that I worked so hard on to make beautiful and cohesive.

The Houndry Factory Photos-59.jpg

After countless meetings and product reviews I settled on a few select fabric suppliers that brought me the look and high standard of quality and durability we knew we needed. We are launching our initial line with Sunbrella fabric and if you don’t already know their brand just click HERE and you’ll understand why we decided to partner with them.

The Houndry Factory Photos-62.jpg

Our fabric and the beds themselves are made right here in the peach state, Georgia, and we are so proud to sell an American made product. We are a small team and when you reach out you will talk directly with us here in the office. We love our customers and we want to do our best for you and your pet. We welcome your feedback because we only grow and succeed with your support. And if one of us isn’t here to take your call, don’t worry, Hazel is always sitting by…


XOXO Samantha