What Bed is right for your pup?

Dogs spend more than half their lives sleeping, why wouldn’t you want them to have the most comfortable bed possible? When it comes to selecting the right shape for your dog, consider the way they sleep. Large breed dogs usually prefer to sleep on their sides - sprawling out as they drift off to dreamland. A rectangular bed would be your best bet for this sleeping behavior. Smaller breeds tend to curl up on their beds and they are better suited to square or round beds. And many dogs do both! For those that need some extra security a bed with bolstered sides can be great for them to nestle into.


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Orthopedic Beds

Are you the type of dog owner that thinks bigger is better? If so, this bed is for you. Our orthopedic foam beds are made with large breed dogs in mind. These beds are made of supportive CertiPur-US certified foam for pets who need a bit more joint support or those that may have a little more grey around the muzzle. So weather you have a 1 year old Great Dane or a 12 year old Corgi our Ortho beds are perfect from beginning to end.


Lounger Beds

Does your pet stretch out like a flying squirrel when they sleep? Whether on their tummy, side or back, if your dog likes to stretch out when they relax the Lounger is the best bed for them. The Lounger Bed comes in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes and with an overstuffed loft there is not a more comfortable place for a long nap. The Lounger is built to retain its loft, never clumping or flattening. The fabric cover is easily removable for washing and comes in 17 fabric options!

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Pillow Beds

Everyone in the family deserves a comfortable place to rest their head, and that shouldn’t stop at our pets. Using high quality, non-toxic materials, our Pillow Bed is the perfect place for your furry friend to sprawl out and get comfortable. Made with an 8 inch recycled polyester loft, non-toxic materials, and the highest standards of craftsmanship, our Pillow Bed is engineered to be non-clumping and retain its loft use after use.

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Round Beds

Have a dog who’s a freestyle sleeper? On their back one minute, belly the next, curled into a donut a minute later? Our Round Bed is the one for them! The classic round shape looks great in rooms where you don’t want your pet’s bed pushed into a corner. Let it float in the middle of room so your fur baby is always part of the action. Each bed has a contrasting piping around the two edges, giving it a tailored look. Plush and responsive, the Round Bed refuses to clump or flatten and will be your pet’s favorite spot to snooze day in and day out.

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Hugger Beds

Snuggle much? For dogs that love to burrow behind cushions on the sofa, or disappear under the blankets on the bed, the Hugger makes and excellent choice. There’s a reason dogs instinctually like to nestle into tight spaces: enclosed areas make them feel safe from predators. This bed is bolstered on all four sides so your hound is sure to find a comfortable, and safe, corner to snuggle up to. Bonus - the separate inner cushion features a hidden zip closure allowing for pillow removal when washing is required.