Meet our team

When it came to designing our line of pet beds we didn’t have to look far for inspiration: those furry faces below are our muses, our motivation, and our biggest critics. We launched The Houndry because of a need we saw right in our own homes. We all wanted our furry children to have a great bed to sleep on, but we also wanted that bed to not look like an after-thought in the design of our homes. With our eager product testers we set out to design a pet bed that would not only make us proud, but that they would love just as much as us.



Samantha is the creative force behind our company. By day she works as an interior & furniture designer, by night (and every other waking hour of the day) is a dedicated wife and mom to her three fur babies: Tucker, an 11 year old labradoodle, Phoebe, a 10 year old shepard/retriever mix, and a tortoise colored 3-legged cat named Bailey. Needless to say, Samantha has her hands full. It’s not hard to see that Tucker is her baby, they have a special bond that you can see in his eyes when he looks at Samantha. Always glued to her side, the pups get to come to the office on occasion and bark at the passerby’s and test all the new products.

You’ll see a lot of Tucker and Phoebe across the website and even a few glimpses of Bailey when we can sneak a photo of her. She loves our beds, but is very skittish around strangers. You will get to know them and Samantha really well on our instagram stories since Samantha is the only one of us who ever posts. Feel free to shoot a DM and let her know how much you love seeing her (not always tidy) house and fur babies on the daily.


Eric handles much of the numbers side of the business. Sure, he’s our photographer, copywriter, IT dept, and office bug exterminator, but when pressed, he will admit that nothing beats a good spreadsheet. His time away from the office is spent with his wife, Lori, and their two teenage daughters Kate and Charlotte. Many weeknights are spent watching high school soccer matches and weekends are spent on the sidelines of volleyball tournaments. The debate is still open on whether or not the grey in his hair is from his daughters, or from the struggles of being an entrepreneur.

After grieving the loss of their 9 year old boxer Lucy, Eric’s family decided their house was just too quiet not to have another dog. Sweet Hazel came home from the shelter to her forever home last summer. And quiet it’s not. If Hazel isn’t terrorizing backyard squirrels, she’s playing hide and seek with one of the girls, or running laps around the dining room table. Her favorite spot is snuggled up close next to one of her people. You’ll see her often in our photo shoots!




Amy is a Georgia born and raised girl and the one who helps you with all your questions when you call or email The Houndry. She especially loves it when customers send in photos of their fur babies - it really makes her day! She is also the mom of Rainey Mae - the golden lab with the sweetest personality. Amy saw a post on Facebook about someone needing to rehome this 5 month old puppy and she instantly responded and drove 3 hours that afternoon to claim her - and couldn’t be more in love with this girl!

When Amy isn’t busy perusing the internet for decor trends and the cutest pup names, you can find her curled up on the sofa with Andre (her new hubby!) and Rainey binge watching the latest tv shows (like Mrs. Maisel, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones or The British Baking Show) with a good cocktail in hand.